Josh Jones – Executive Chef

Josh drives the culinary direction of Fresh Kitchen.  As a former Chef at some of Calgary's premier and fine dining restaurants, Josh has a grounded passion for amazing food and service.  Steeped in a passion for working with the most premium ingredients, Josh also understands the importance of the seasonality of working with great ingredients and purveyors of great food. Josh is excited to impart his knowledge and passion for food to our customers and our Team Members at Fresh Kitchen.



Paul Morissette - Owner

As creator of Fresh Kitchen, Paul has a genuine passion for irresistible, wholesome, made-from-scratch food.


Josh Jones – Executive Chef

Josh drives the culinary direction of Fresh Kitchen. As a former Chef at some of Calgary's premier and fine dining restaurants, Josh has a grounded passion for amazing food and service.


Cherise Cullen - Catering and Events Coordinator

Cherise has worked with Fresh Kitchen since almost our inception. Over the years Cherise has developed an amazing rapport with our corporate and in home catering clientele.


Mike Provo - Market Chef at Last Spike Bistro at CP Rail

Mike is no stranger to feeding thousands of people during the week as the Market Chef at our Last Spike Bistro for the Canadian Pacific Rail employees at their beautiful Ogden Campus.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Fresh Kitchen has high standards and our goal is to sell the highest quality products.


Environmental Information

At Fresh Kitchen we take our commitment to the environment to heart. Supporting sustainable environmental practices means making decisions daily that positively impact the health of our planet.


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